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Handmade, Reiki Infused


Shungite, Tourmaline


Small and medium sizes - indicate which size you need in notes when purchasing.


Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation

Shungite is the first EMF protection device to transmute electromagnetic fields into a harmless state which keep our bodies safe. Electro Magnetic Radiation or Fields called EMFs are produced by all electronics and due to the increasing exposure to them are causing people serious problems.


The best thing about Shungite is it is the most effective EMF protection available and it is affordable. There are a large variety of Shungite pendants and ornaments you can use to protect rooms and your loved ones. -Kale University


Black Tourmaline has been revered by crystal healers for its ability to protect human beings from harmful EMF’s. But it’s important to realize that the stone itself won’t necessarily block the EMF output of electrical devices, but rather it is known to enhance the human body’s own electrical field – that in turn creates a stronger barrier against harmful EMF’s.

Women's EMF Protection Bracelet

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